Our key to success is portfolio diversification in the space of Information Technology.

Our Website & Mobile Apps Development Portfolio

Since last seventeen years, we have been providing immaculate web presence in the form of website and mobile application design and development to our clients. Our team of highly experienced and professional web designers and developers is well acquainted with the latest trends, emerging technologies and development ethics to create custom UI/UX designs that are suitable to your business, needs, expectations and demographics.


The Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy provides massage training programs to become a cutting edge bodywork artist and empowered entrepreneur who facilitates holistic healing. Netmaxims designed the site, took care of the content with real images and by giving the option of ‘Book a Massage’ where the visitor can book an appointment. Online application feature is also available for Berkana CMT program.


Activate CBD is an e-commerce website designed and developed by Netmaxims, аn еxсерtіоnаl Tеxаѕ based соmраnу dеdісаtеd to promoting hеаlth and wеllnеѕѕ bу рrоvіdіng a wеll-rеѕеаrсhеd аnd еvіdеnсе-bаѕеd mеdісіnаl Cаnnаbіdіоl (CBD) рrоduсtѕ. It is a solution for the order, shipping and price management with user friendly and mobile responsive interface.


E-commerce website MMD Pharmacy has the world’s largest collection of medicines. A solution that takes care of patients who need medicines that are not available in their country, have to wait too long for their remedy's availability or for those who have no access to the right medicine due to regulatory issues. This solution give the ease of e-commerce, order, shipping and price management with user friendly and mobile responsive interface.


Netmaxims developed Epimoni to help individuals save money for their short-term financial goals. It is primarily aimed at college students and young people, letting them make small purchases without incurring any debt. Once the users are registered and verified, they can either form a closed pool allowing only family and friends to form a circle or can opt for an open pool allowing anybody to join in and complete the circle.


UTOPIA-SALES is an app based marketing service that offers daily discount coupons and specials to qualified subscribers. It primarily focuses on flower companies and local dispensary storefronts that provide lab-tested safe medicine to qualified members. The deals are active only for a specified period of time and a discount coupon will only become active when members commit to purchasing the advertised product such as Flowers, Edibles and Concentrates


My Cellphone Repairs is a local chain of electronic repair stores focused on the sales and services of iPhones, Android smartphones, iPads, tablets, and computers. Netmaxims designed and developed the website by providing the solution for booking the appointment online by choosing suitable time, desired service ect. Users can sell phone and get the training with the help of this portal.


MyRefinanceRates is one click portal developed by Netmaxims in Javascript for getting the quotes for the loans of user’s desired amount as per the information given by them. It has a larger number of Mortgage Companies for providing the loans to users based on the match found.


Option Train is a corporate training provider on Project Management, Business Analysis and IT Certifications throughout Canada. This portal designed and developed by Netmaxims, provides the feature to the users to register for the various services and programs offered like PMP Exam Prep, Microsoft Dynamics etc. After registration, students can login to get the access of their accounts on Option Train.


This app is used to calculate ux density, approximate pull values & permeance coecients of permanent magnets in various materials and grades plus convert values to and from dierent unit of measure systems.


AtlasBee is a USA geography based educational game. It is a general knowledge quiz about US states, capitals, landmarks, presidents and personalities. Their motto is "Easy enough for a child to use, but interesting enough to challenge a grown-up!"